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Affordable Sports Broadcasting

Our automated streaming solutions provide your audience with a high-quality output while eliminating the need for a camera operator. Broadcast live events and record games that may never have been filmed in the past – our solutions are budget-conscious and tailored to suit the requirements of schools, leagues and teams.

Game On Stream
Game On Stream

Keep Your Audience Connected

Upload your schedule with thousands of games in just seconds. Each event will automatically go live and record on demand into your portal, available globally.

You can offer public viewing or generate revenue by monetizing content through advertising and paid subscriptions platforms.

Extend Your Brand

Present content on a customized streaming portal that we design to match your brand. You have full control to integrate your own logos, colours, copy, social media, news, sponsors, images and video. Wish to embed content directly onto one of your platforms? Perfect! We can do that, too.

Your viewers will feel engaged and at home when they visit your school or league portal. Reach out to GameOnStream to schedule a demo today.

What Our Clients Say

“GameOnStream has been tremendous in terms of service, products and expertise. Their willingness to work with us to make sure the system gives us the best quality video has been exemplary. Coaches find the system helpful in analyzing game film and as a teaching tool. Coaches are also able to create clips for student-athletes looking to get scouted. We look forward to continuing our partnership with GameOnStream as further developments are on the horizon.”

"I just wanted to let you know that your above-and-beyond support and commitment to launching our systems for the Exeter/Andover Weekend did not go unnoticed. The streams were crisp, clear and sounded great. Really great work and we're happy to be partnered with you."