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GameOnStream Launches GOS Express to Meet Increased Streaming Demand

November 27, 2020 - 8:58 pm

GameOnStream has launched GOS Express, a new solution for sports facilities to meet the increased demand for automated live streaming due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Installing GOS Express allows facilities to offer unlimited streaming of games, practices, figure skating and other on-ice events so that parents and fans can watch safely from anywhere and on any device, even if they are unable to be there in person.

The GOS Express is GameOnStream’s first “in-one-box” bundle which includes two 1080p-HD network cameras, a switch, and a dedicated league/facility branded portal to host the streaming. The GOS Express bundle is shipped to sports facilities at no cost – the facility is then responsible for installing the two cameras and supplying the internet connection. Sports facilities streaming with GOS Express systems installed are able to benefit from GameOnStream’s subscription revenue sharing program.

“With parent attendance limited, we came up with a simple and inexpensive solution to allow any sports facility to offer streaming to their community,” said GameOnStream CEO Bob Wilkinson. “Once the cameras are installed, GameOnStream takes care of everything, including scheduling the games, monitoring and customer support.”

After a sports facility orders a GOS Express bundle, the camera equipment is delivered, installed and streaming to viewers in just a few days.

GOS Express cameras are installed at each end of the rink and the static views capture the entire ice surface in 1080p with audio and a score clock overlay. Users are able to switch between the two different camera views to control which end of the ice they prefer to watch from. All streams are available both live & on demand, and users can take advantage of platform features that include the ability to save clips, bookmarks, downloads and sharing.


“Feedback has been positive so far. Most parents have to wait in the parking lot during their kid’s games and practices, so they’re happy to be able to tune in from their phones,” said Patrick Reynolds, Client Services Manager at GameOnStream.

GameOnStream provides streaming solutions across North America, and GOS Express systems have already been launched at a number of sports facilities, including in the City of Surrey, Township of Springwater and Town of Midland. To find out how you can bring a GOS Express system to your facility at no cost, please email [email protected] or visit the Contact Us page at