1. Where will league games stream for the 2023-24 season?

GameOnStream has merged with LiveBarn and all league games will now be streamed at LiveBarn.com


2. What happens to my GameOnStream subscription?

All active GameOnStream subscriptions were cancelled as of August 31, 2023 and there will be no additional billing for your GameOnStream subscription beyond that date.


3. Will my GameOnStream Subscription grant me access to LiveBarn?

No, GameOnStream subscriptions do not automatically grant me access to LiveBarn.


4. Is it possible to move my GameOnStream account to LiveBarn, or login with my GameOnStream credentials on LiveBarn?

All GameOnStream subscriptions were terminated on August 31, 2023. To continue accessing GameOnStream arenas and leagues, please visit LiveBarn.com and you ca proceed to register for a new subscription.


5. When can I expect my league to make an announcement?

If your league will be streamed by LiveBarn, your league will provide further details before the start of the season.


6. Why did GameOnStream and LiveBarn merge?

GameOnStream and LiveBarn combined to create the largest hockey streaming network in Ontario. Now, all leagues and arenas will be covered by a single subscription on LiveBarn.com.


7. Is GameOnStream still offering streaming services?

Yes, GameOnStream schools will maintain their streaming services through the current GOS/School websites. To access a comprehensive list, simply click the “Live & On Demand” button located at the top-right of this page.