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Carnevale Hockey Group to Provide Live Streaming for Summer League

August 3, 2020 - 7:33 pm

The Carnevale Hockey Group (CHG) has partnered with GameOnStream to provide live streaming for the summer Junior and Youth Hockey leagues from Scotiabank Pond Arena (Toronto, On). More than 80 teams with some of the top hockey players in the GTA will participate in the CHG summer hockey league which plays throughout the month of August.

Due to local health protocols surrounding COVID-19, spectators are not allowed to enter Scotiabank Pond Arena during the CHG season. Providing live  and on demand streaming of every game, including tournaments, from the 4 pads allows parents, grandparents, and other spectators/fans catch all the games remotely without being present inside the arena.

If you wish to view past and upcoming 2020 CHG Summer League games, you can visit and Sign Up for a pass to view the entire event.

We’re excited to partner with the Carnevale Hockey Group to provide coverage of this event!