Automated Broadcast
Management Systems

Network Streaming Solutions for Schools,
Leagues, Administrators, Coaches,
Players and Fans.

Broadcast Live
and On Demand

After being streamed live, events are
available to be watched later on demand
for as long as you desire

Unmanned Network

Custom positioned cameras provide multiple
angles and user controlled views

Play Tracking Technology

Network Streaming Solutions for Schools,
Leagues, Administrators, Coaches,
Players and Fans.

Score Clock Integration
with On-Screen Overlay

After being streamed live, events are available
to be watched later on demand for as long
as you desire

Custom Interface

Present your viewers with an interface
customized to your brand


Control the way you view your games

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We’re on when you are

With its cutting-edge technology and user-oriented design, the GOS platform has revolutionized event streaming.

GOS is an Automated Broadcast Management System that allows you to stream both live events and replay previous ones on-demand. Its automated nature eliminates the need for specialized IT, production support and camera personnel. At the same time, it remains incredibly easy to customize by you the user – no broadcasting degree necessary.

Using a private network and unmanned cameras with infrastructure that is operational 24/7, creating a perfect broadcast available to your chosen audience is as simple as scheduling an event and activating your stream.

The intuitive flow and easy to use interface allows users to easily view the action, select features, and interact with content with a few clicks. Perfect for sporting events, it allows fans and families to catch the action live while players and coaches are able to review games just like the pros – all in multi-angle High Definition. It’s not just a sporting tool, however; the system is versatile enough to be used for plays, recitals, speeches, lectures and any other type of performance.

While the features and design of the GOS platform bring new possibilities to event streaming, more amazing still is what it means for its users.

Control the way you view your games

GOS is invaluable to both the broadcaster and the viewer due to its unique set of features.

Watch how, where and when you want

By pushing boundaries, the benefits and experiences for users of the GOS platform are unlimited.

As much as we’d like to as parents, it’s usually impossible to make it to every game or performance. Now, even if you can’t be there in person you’ll never miss a single event – whether you see it on a live feed while across the continent or experience the magic of watching on-demand with your child sitting next to you, amazed to see herself in action.

Players and performers young and old from hobbyists to aspiring professionals, can plainly see their strengths and weaknesses on review – allowing them to improve by leaps and bounds.

As a coach, the teaching benefits are undeniable. And when he’s ready to move to the next level, you’ll have in hand a video product that not only clearly showcases your player’s talents, but also one that stands out from all others.

A complete 360° solution

All these possibilities are here – in an affordable and usable package.

Whether it’s players hitting the field or performers hitting the stage, you can leave the rest to GOS once they get there
– because We’re On When You Are.


  • “Trinity College School began working with GameOnStream in the summer of 2013. We are thrilled with the results, as are the School’s parents. The streamed events are of high quality and the entire system has been reliable and easy to administer. GOS has been tremendous in terms of service, products and expertise. We look forward to continuing our working relationship as further developments are always on the horizon.”

    Tim White, Athletic Director, Trinity College School

  • As a coach, GameOn allowed me to review the game with more precision away from the rink – This will be a valuable learning tool for both players and coaches moving forward”

    Andrew Cashin @andrewcashin, Coach North Toronto Hockey Association

  • “I travel a lot for my job and the one thing I look forward to at the end of the day is catching up with my son’s hockey games on GameOnStream. Chris Elias, Hockey Dad and fan”

  • “Even though we did not leave the Eastern Townships, as parents of a player from a Quebec school, we thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch the games live and on-demand. Gameonstream was fantastic for all the parents of boys who travelled to Toronto for CAIS. Especially that we could watch them in the evening as viewing the games live during the workday is hard.

    We are looking forward to watching with our son’s Grandmother when she visits at Christmas. I know our son will enjoy the experience of showing his Grandmother (who in her day, played basketball!) his team. “

    LeeAnne Smith
    Associate Director of Advancement
    Operations and Annual Fund
    Stanstead College


A unique feature set makes GOS invaluable to broadcasters and viewers alike


Broadcast Live and On Demand

After being streamed live, events are available to be watched later on demand for as long as you desire


Unmanned Network Cameras

Custom positioned cameras provide multiple angles and user controlled views


Play Tracking Technology

Our proprietary play tracking technology automatically follows the action so that no part of the event is missed


Watch where you want, when you want

Lets you view content regardless of if you’re at home in front the computer or on the go using a tablet or smartphone


Private or Public Viewing Control

Broadcast events to a select audience or share with the entire web


Custom Interface

Present your viewers with an interface customized to your brand


Score Clock Integration with On-Screen Overlay

Real time data ensures you know at what stage the game is at all the times


Full Integration With Existing Systems

GOS is easily embedded into existing portals and sports such features as single sign-on, radically improving viewing experience


Integrated Advertising

Create revenue through sponsorship and advertising on your site


Interleague Network Sharing

Allows fans to check out their team’s away games


Mobile Streaming Units

Allow games to be streamed from facilities where a GOS system isn’t installed

Unmanned Camera views

Watch every single angle, never miss the action!

Watch your events like never before

Custom positioned cameras provide multiple angles and user controlled views

User Experience

Multiple Interfaces provide users with an experience specific to their needs

The Admin Control Centre

Allows the network’s administrator complete control. Scheduling an event broadcast/recording takes under a minute.

As admin, you can consolidate, download and edit events – then share the perfect highlight reel.

You decide how the content is to be distributed; not only which users have access, but also how much access a particular user will be given.



The GOS UI & Mobile App

Is a multi-platform application for the end-user.

The portal through which events are viewed, the UI and Mobile app, is also what allows you as the user to customize your experience through options such as view selection and synchronized camera views, auto bookmarking, and clip creation.

The GOS App also facilitates interaction amongst users of the network, allowing for actions such as content upload as well.

The Coach Plus App

Provides any team with access to the GOS platform the undeniable advantage of in-depth game and practice review.

Taking advantage of the on-demand replay feature, bookmarking and clip sharing, this app is carefully honed to specifically make reviewing, teaching and strategizing more effective than ever before.

Utilizing available in-venue video streams to the bench or dressing room, the same is even possible on the fly.



Custom Branded Portals

Allow you as the school, league or venue to present your viewers with an interface customized to your brand.

Increase excitement and brand loyalty with a portal boldly emblazoned with your school or organization’s name, logo and colors.

The portal also allows you to integrate advertisers, sponsors as well as interactive real-time messaging and communications.


Provides solutions that address the needs of all users



  • GOS installs, maintains and assists in the operation of the entire platform
  • A hands-free solution to broadcast events within a secure and custom designed platform
  • Streaming of events live and on demand to families, players, fans and coaches to any connected device
  • Generate revenue by renting your GOS equipped facilities to third parties
  • Through a partnership with GOS, marketing and generating revenue through subscription and advertising is available



  • Parents and fans can watch events live they can’t attend or afterwards with their child
  • Improve individual performance and create personal highlight packages
  • Watch friends and competitors play
  • Share all the action with your entire community including alumni, new recruits and supporters



  • Access to game video provides effective teaching and strategy tools
  • In-venue video streams to the bench, dressing room or practice sessions
  • Bookmarking, clip sharing and multiple camera views apps for in-depth review and analysis of games
  • A resource for scouting, recruiting and learning


Streaming for leagues, schools and events


North Toronto Hockey


CAIS Basketball


Trinity College School


Crescent School


North York Hockey League


The York School


Ridley College






St. Michael’s College School


Phillips Exeter Academy


St. Mark’s


Toronto French School


River Cree Hockey


Pickering College


Lake Delton

Pickering College


News and Press Release

2017 OHL Cup Powered By GameOnStream

Streaming the OHL Cup from Scotiabank Pond. The top-ranked Minor Midget AAA teams playing 50 games March 15-19 to claim the OHL Cup.

By Bob Wilkinson

G.O.S. Launches More Schools, Leagues and Venues in September

GameOnStream is pleased to announce the most recent additions to the GameOnStream Network including Pickering College, RCHL, The North American Prep Hockey Association, Forest Hill Arena and Ted Reeve Community Arena.

By Bob Wilkinson

TFS Canada’s International School Joins the GameOnStream Network

The Toronto French School is the latest school to install the GameOnStream Automated Broadcast Systems. TFS will soon be streaming volleyball, basketball, soccer and events to their international community.

By Bob Wilkinson

GameOnStream Issued US Patent

On March 29, 2016, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office issued U.S. Patent No. 9,298,986 to GameOnStream. The patent was initially filed on December 7, 2012 and claims the benefit of and priority to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/568,756 filed December 9, 2011. The patent was published on June 13, 2013. The patent relates to systems and methods for video processing and determining an optimal or near-optimal area of interest of the video to live broadcast a sporting event. The patents relates to GameOnStream’s automated broadcast systems and player tracking technology for streaming sports with unmanned cameras. GameOnStream provides its automated broadcast systems to schools, venues and leagues throughout North America. This patent corresponds to Canadian patent application 2798298.

By Bob Wilkinson

GameOnStream Expands Coverage Of The North York Hockey League

With a new long-term agreement GOS and the NYHL are expanding coverage of the 367 team league. More facilities continue to be added to accommodate the demand and number of games played in one of the largest minor hockey leagues in the world. We also thank Scotiabank, Canada’s Hockey Bank and official partner of the NHL for their support of GameOnStream, the NYHL and grassroots hockey across Canada.

By Bob Wilkinson


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